Where it all began?

It all began when I, Anni, the owner of Lisel Pets, finally got my little Havanese dog Elmo after long dreaming and anticipation. Puppyhood was wonderful, but soon we noticed that it's difficult to find responsibly made pet products. Life was busy, and Elmo was involved in everything we did. Elmo got frustrated with wearing multiple clothes and harnesses in the winter. His coat would become static and tangled. This led to the idea of developing a dog coat with well-fitted and adjustable harnesses integrated. Due to the challenges of fur maintenance, we wanted to consider this in our product development.

From the outset, we were aware that we wanted to manufacture our products as locally as possible. This doesn't only apply to the manufacturing process but also to sourcing all materials as locally as possible. We aim to use as many natural and recycled materials as possible.

Product development began in January 2022. After several years of planning and testing, we have found suitable partners for the Lisel Pets brand, with whom we share the same ethical and ecological values. These values have been the basis for seeking out our partners.

In addition to responsible production, it's paramount to us that our products fit well and are suitable for dogs, and that dogs thrive while using Lisel Pets products.