We proudly manufacture all our Lisel Pets products responsibly in Europe, focusing on production in accordance with ethical principles. Our goal is to offer great products for pets and at the same time encourage consumers to make responsible choices.

Lisel Pets products are designed to last, and we strive to promote responsible consumer behavior. We are committed to ensuring that our products are functional and meet the needs of dogs in the best possible way. All our products are carefully designed in Helsinki or Kankaanpää.

All materials used by Lisel Pets are manufactured in Europe by responsible operators. We want to support local sustainability and make sure our products are responsible. Ethics is a primary value for us, and we make sure that our manufacturing processes strictly follow ethical values ​​for every product and material. The use and manufacture of Lisel Pets products must be safe. We prefer materials with oeko-tex standard, as well as recycled and natural materials.

The Ikka warm parka eco jacket uses NewLife™ material, which guarantees the same level of performance and quality as virgin yarn. Thanks to its unique production process, NewLife™ contributes significantly to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

With Lisel Pets products, you make a choice to support domestic work. We understand that accountability and transparency are important values ​​for our customers, and we strive to fulfill these expectations to the best of our ability. We are committed to constantly developing our operations in a more responsible direction and offering our customers the best possible products.

Pet Wellbeing

The central value of Lisel Pets is the well-being of pets. When designing products, the needs, comfort and safety of pets are taken into account. This means, for example, ergonomic designs, comfortable materials and practical features that improve the quality of life for pets. Our products do not prevent the pet's natural movement and behavior and should offer positive experiences.

Quality and Durability

As a manufacturer of pet supplies, we are committed to offering high-quality and durable products. By manufacturing the products in Europe, we can closely monitor the production process and ensure that every step meets the quality standards. High-quality materials and a careful manufacturing process ensure that the products withstand time and hard use, which is an advantage for both the pet and the owner.

Ethics and Responsibility

By manufacturing the products in Europe, we commit to ethical principles and responsibility. This includes supporting the local workforce, fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production. It is also important for Lisel Pets to ensure that all materials used are safe and ethically produced, so that pets and owners can trust the quality and origin of the products.